20 December 2005

Nepal certainly did leave an impression on me. And I can't say that I didn't leave me own impression on Nepal. Although I'm not sure whether sprinkling of pee against the mountainside really counts as an impression. When it's –20 degrees Celsius, it isn't always convenient to walk long distances for a little midnight wee.

I'm back in India now. My snot has turned black and because I haven't shaved in over a month I appear like a mean terrorist.

Here, instead of having dogs roaming the streets there are monkeys; stray dogs instead of stray cats; cats replace rats as the dirty, rarely-seen vermin. And rats are worshipped like gods and are given their own temple within which to dwell (The Temple of Rats, in Khujaraho). Cows roam the streets freely and do as they please. It seems as though many humans are still trying to find their place amongst all the animals.

India's an extremely interesting place. There's so much cultural diversity, but unfortunately there's also a lot of dust and pollution.


  1. Katie in Canada15:04

    So glad that you are still alive and well. I have not hear from you in a while. I see that you are still seeing the World. I am not, still in College. I hope that all is well. great idea for this blog page. Keep it up:)
    "stay as you are" Katie hugs

  2. Hello cousin,
    good to hear your travels are going along safe and well. I'm just wondering if you know for sure what dates you will be here in Jan?? can you plse let me know asap so I can arrange other plans accordingly...thanks mate and keep on shitting.

  3. Anonymous10:37

    Hey Ara,
    Am glad to see that with all the curry, pollution and wandering animals that you haven't lost your sense of humour. I hope that Christmas and New Year were one long party and that the hangover(s) weren't too hideous where ever you were at the time.
    Hugs from the UK Karen :-) xxx