16 December 2005

Precious Life

I was walking with a new Nepalese acquaintance along the rocky dirt-road to his house for a traditional Nepali lunch. We were two houses away when we saw a man lying haphazardly on the side of the road, under the searing hot sun, with a twitching leg and a quivering mouth. From the distance it appeared as though he was passed-out drunk, but as I approached I realised it looked suspiciously like a seizure. I checked his clenched fist and found an empty box of insulin. Hmm... diabetes.

I thought back to university - and then to catoons, for verification - and quickly ordered the circling locals to fetch some orange juice. After about 30 to 45 minutes of slowly feeding the juice into his mouth, playing with the loose skin on his face and going through his pockets (for medical information, of course), he finally snapped out of it. He still had double vision, but that was probably due to the massive attack he just suffered - or perhaps the result of poking his eye-lids with a stick whilst we waiting for him to come to. Just kidding ;)

We ordered him a cab, gave him some money for more insulin and patted ourselves on the back for saving a man's life.

I hope he didn't use the money to buy alcohol.


  1. Hey Baby. Your Cousin is a little vicious and uncouth.Oh well. Sorry i haven't been in touch for ages.
    Loving the long winded horror stories and have been printing them and handing them out at work. Hope you don't mind.
    Are you happy?
    Sam and Adrian are in LA at the mo, so i'm a little lonely and am making up for it by working like a fricking maniac again.
    Bah bloody Humbug and all that.
    Love you.

  2. Of course I don't mind. I'm flattered.
    I am happy. I'd be happier if women made advances rather than men and little boys. But I hear that's not the Indian way. Actually, when I was in Jodhpur there were three fetching young lasses who coerced me into hitching a ride on their horse and carriage. Unfortunately the fact that they were on their way back from primary school was a bit of turn-off.
    So what are you doing for Christmas and New Years? You can join me here in India is you fancy a bit of disease and gastro with that Bah Humbug!

  3. I'm going to spend Xmas with my brother and my cousins, who are here in London.
    Adrian is back for New Years so we will be doing something together i suppose. I would love to come over, but i'm working most of the time. Why do i do this to myself?
    Glad you don't mind because it's abit late now!!!
    And yuck about the primary school kids!
    Take care demon boy and have a festive non-demoninational public holiday.
    Do they have that in India?