10 April 2010

Medication Vending Machine

This is quite sad to see... a vending machine for medication.

Unfortunately Latin America is victim to relentless marketing and fear-mongering by pharmaceutical companies. As a result, most people are programmed to believe that if they don't take their drugs when they are ill they may suffer grave consequences.

This photo was taken in a metro station in Mexico City. Hmm... remember the country where the "swine flu" hit the hardest? Vaccinations and billions of dollars of profit followed thereafter - convenient during a world economic recession, no?


  1. Anonymous15:53

    Fortunately, I can smell a ?)(%&$§"( ={]%&§ three miles against the wind!

  2. Couter-attack: the book vending machine (Sao Paulo, subway)

  3. Oh, there have those in Spain too!!!