2 October 2017

Vestmannaeyjar: the Westman Islands of Iceland

Vestmannaeyjar ("Westman Islands") is a small group of islands off the south coast of Iceland. The main island, Heimaey,  has a tiny area of only 13 square kilometres and is still volcanically active.

Hitch-hiking around the island I met the local tyre salesman and joined him on his daily stroll. He took me to a deserted part of the island and guided me around 60-degree slopes. I initially thought he was going to push me off the cliff and steal my camera, but he was more interested in whales spotting.

I took the picture above on this stroll. All those lumps in the terrain are puffin nests. Vestmannaeyjar is home to around eight million puffins, but only around four thousand people.


  1. Hi,

    This places looks magical.

    8 million puffins? Inspired, amazing stuff.

    Thanks for the cute image.


    1. Thanks Ryan! Yeah, it's a pretty cool place, and the people are super friendly. There are parts of the island where you can put your hand in the ground and feel the warmth of the volcanic activity not too far below.


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