Double-decker buses in London

In 2004, when I was living in London, I heard that the old double-decker Routemaster buses were about to be retired, so I found a route that crossed the city past many historical landmarks to a residential area of North London. This was Route 73.

This is my photo reel from back then, taken with my very first SLR film camera – so please forgive any less-than-perfect images.

The old Routemaster buses had open backs, so you could chase after a bus and jump aboard as it pulled away. You could also jump off the platform before it stopped. They had conductors, who kept an eye on things and went around collecting fares.

The new Routemaster buses also have open platforms at the back, but there's now debate as to whether or not they're safe. Apparently a number of people have fallen off the platform and died.


Oxford Circus

Somewhere around Hyde Park Corner.

H&M Oxford Circus