18 June 2016

See penguins in St Kilda for FREE

Every night, a bunch of cute Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) swim into the harbour at St Kilda, Melbourne. If you go to St Kilda Pier at sunset you can see them swim and waddle to their nests among the rocks of the breakwater.

You can see them in the video below, swimming into the harbour, approaching like a submarine torpedo. "Water rats", or rakali, also live around the breakwater and are easily spotted with white-tipped tails.

People waiting for the penguins to arrive. It's free to see them in St Kilda, whereas it costs $20+ to see the fairy penguins of Phillip Island (plus travel costs).

The Little Penguins are blue in colour and grow up to 33 cm in height, and many of them seem to enjoy the attention of the crowd.

If you go to check them out, please don't use flash photography or white light. One of the volunteers at the pier said it scares them and makes their heart race. And there's a special place in hell for anyone who gives a penguin a heart attack.

Torches can be used only if they're covered with a sheet of red cellophane.

The penguins have a great view of Melbourne from their homes.

A penguin in its nest.

Check out this website for Melbourne's sunset times, i.e. the best time to be at St Kilda Pier to see the penguins arrive.


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