How to survive White Night in Melbourne


Every year a bunch of cities around the whole hold an all-night arts festival, called White Night. The festival first started in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Here, it's a "journey of discovery through the heart of Melbourne with music, food, film, art, and light." There are exhibitions, street performances, illuminations, installations, film screenings, music, dance and interactive events. There's really a LOT of cool and interesting things on offer. And it's family friendly.

White Night Melbourne will run from 7pm today to 7am tomorrow morning. Check out the program and get an idea of what you want to see, and plan your experience! The festival has become increasingly popular since its inaugural festival in 2013 – in 2014 it drew in around half-a-million people – so you can expect a shedload of people and long queues for popular attractions.

The whole city becomes a pedestrianised zone, so might want to look over your public transport options, because a lot of the trams and buses heading into the city will have altered routes.

At times it might seem a bit hectic and overcrowded, but it's definitely worth it. I hate waiting in queues, so I always check out the queue-less attractions, of which there are plenty. And every year there are plenty of things that blow my mind.

Here are just a few that I've seen over the past three years – though, this is an extremely limited taste... because I'm being lazy.

This was projected onto the site of the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)... "Tattoo City".

This has been one of my favourite exhibitions... Sofles | Graffiti Mapped.

And here's all the work that went into created it...

My recommendation... Go!