8 January 2015

Hot Stormy Day at St Kilda Beach

It was hot yesterday in Melbourne – the temperature rose to 36 degrees – so I went to St Kilda beach in the afternoon. But, as is typical of Melbourne, the weather turned cloudy and rainy. There were big storms in Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

It didn't rain in St Kilda, but there were large angry clouds, with flashes of lightning several times a minute. The sky looked beautiful.

This lasted for hours.

I managed to record some of the lightning on my phone:


  1. Anonymous23:38

    I love this post.

  2. Hasn't the weather been stunning the last couple of days?! I love your second photo of the cloud formation - spectacular :)

    1. Thanks Imelda.
      I'd never seen so much lightning before. I thought it was so amazing. And I was even more amazed that it didn't rain in St Kilda. Melbourne weather is an enigma!

  3. This type of weather creates tornado or an strormy weather and beaches are not safe then. So, before vising sea sites, get update from weather devices. complete online weather shop


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