"Drink tea with me. I'm Syrian."

I’d like to spare a thought for all the people who have suffered in the Syrian civil war. I travelled solo through Syria in 2004 and I found the people extremely friendly and

[Below] A fishmonger in Aleppo's ancient souk.

[Below] This boy was out the front of the Grand Mosque of Damascus (Umayyad Mosque). He was shooting darts with his blowgun. He killed 16 pigeons and two falafels.

[Below] Lettuce sellers in Aleppo. Only lettuce.

[Below] "Shine ya boots, gov'na?" He actually said that...in Arabic... maybe.

[Below] Fear not, this boy is not a zombie. Nor is he a psychopath - don't let the plastic gun mislead you. No, this boy was merely high on drugs. That's all.

[Below] A nice guy having a smoke and drinking tea. There is no further subtext.

[Below] I think they just found the infidel.

[Below] These kids saw the camera in my hand and asked me to take their picture. The kid on the right was doing his "gangster" pose. The boy on the left thought the boy on the right was being a knob.