28 November 2012

Nudity at the Tesstlaar Tulip Festival

From mid September to mid October every year, the Tesstlaar Tulip Farm opens its blooming doors to the public. It's about an hour's drive from Melbourne, in the Dandenong mountain ranges. Established in 1954, they say they have over half a million tulips, of a hundred
different varieties.

It's a very colourful day out - and you don't even need any LSD. Buying food there is a bit expensive, so take your own, otherwise you might have a bad trip. (See what I did there?)

Admission is a bit pricey as well, so maybe consider how much you love flowers.
Cost: Adults $20, Concession $17, Children under 16 free
I tried to get in as a 15-year old, but I didn't have my ID with me. And I had a full beard.

[Below] Apparently there is ice-cream available.

[Below] WARNING. The following photo has Adult content... the genitals of a flower. It's Flower Porn.

[Below] What a pretty flower. The tulips are good too.

Tesselaar Tulip Farm
357 Monbulk Rd
Silvan, Victoria 3795

Public Transport
Monday to Friday: Train to Lilydale Station, then the 663 Bus to the Tesselaar Tulip Festival
Weekend: Train to Lilydale Station, then a shuttle bus to the farm departs 5 minutes after the train arrive at Lilydale station. ($3 for a return ticket.)


  1. Samuel Russell19:24

    Bearded Perv Amongst the Flowers" is the image I'm getting. ,, ,

    1. You mean to tell me there's no ice-cream in that image of yours? Weak. :P

  2. Now you're making me want to go and take photos of flowers (not their genitals, though).

    1. The thing with flowers is, they always pose nude. ;)

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  5. Amazing pictures, Ara :) This post really put a smile on my face

  6. Ara, I definitly love your colourful comments!


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