Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

In Melbourne, zombies get a dress rehearsal before Halloween. The Melbourne Zombie Shuffle is the biggest annual meeting of the undead. They get together and discuss various topics, such as their favourite parts of the brain, how to improve vocabulary, coping with death, and BRAINS, BRAINS, BRAINS.

[Above] The zombie virus was around a long time ago, in galaxies far, far away... and it even affected the Death Star.

[Below] This zombie looked incredible.I don't know if he was a real policeman or not, but at one stage he was directing zombies across traffic. You can imagine how much of a nightmare that would be, seeing as many zombies have injured or missing limbs, and can only shuffle or limp at best - and because they're not really alive.

[Below] You gotta love the detail: placenta and intestines are coming out of her belly. Though, medically speaking, I doubt she'd have a baby bump if her foetus was in her mouth and not in her womb.

[Below] The zombies scared many number of people. One Asian tourist was so frightened that she blindly ran across the road to get away, across tram tracks. That actually worried me bit.

[Below] I guess this is zombie Harry Potter and his Hogwarts chums. Where's your magic wand now, Harry?

[Below] This little zombie girl was hilarious. When pedestrians strolled by, she screamed at them in the highest, most piercing pitch, scaring the crap out of them.

[Below] Babies can be zombies too. Be careful little girl!

[Below] Poor zombies... they're just misunderstood. They are forever being attacked and stabbed, when all they ever want is BRAINS.

[Below] It was incredible how many people there were. Carlton gardens were packed with people - alive and undead.