South American Signs, Part 10: Ecuador Mail

I have heard that the postal system in Ecuador is possibly the best in South America. Perhaps they keep it that way by their strict regulation of what you may and may not send via mail.

Do NOT send:

* Cameras - photography of inside the letter-box is strictly forbidden
* Fire - and how would that be possible?
* Guns - contact your weapons-&-arms dealer for an alternative mode or shipment
* Letters - well if you're not allowed to send fire or guns, why should they permit you to send letters
* Drugs - this is for the benefit of lazy drug dealers
* Dogs - obviously there were enough people doing this to justify this clarification
* Diamonds - wouldn't it be bad luck if they got lost in the mail. Apparently mail-order diamonds are big in Ecuador.

I'm just wondering what you can send via mail.
I think you are allowed to send: plants, penguins and hamburgers.