23 September 2010

Sarajevo Rose

Remember these redundant names: Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union, U.S.S.R.?

After communism started to fall in 1990 everything fell apart in Eastern Europe. The Soviet Government started to weaken until it eventually dissolved in 1991 and what followed was a period of nationalism and conflict - for autonomy and power - in some of the regions involved.

Former Yugoslavia was one such region and what prevailed was the Bosnian War, which involved Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. It was the same issues of autonomy and power but unfortunately ethnic cleansing was also thrown into the mix. The war that resulted between March 1992 and November 1995 claimed between 100,000-110,000 lives and displaced 1.8 million people. 66% of the documented casualties were Bosnian.

Sarajevo is the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and it was a central zone for conflict during the Bosnian War. Enemy troops were stationed in the surrounding hills and would constantly bombard the city with artillery to stop the home army from deploying. It's been estimated that over 300 shell rounds were fired into the city per day.

The appearance of a mortar round hitting concrete is similar to that of a flower. A Sarajevo Rose is a concrete scar that is the result of a mortar shell explosion that was later filled-in with red resin. These Sarajevo Roses are seen all throughout the city and mark where one or more people have been killed by mortar explosions.

[Below] This is what a mortar looks like:

[Below] A mortar shell...

[Below] And this is a different Sarajevo Rose. She enjoys long walks in the park, holding hands and sniffing the petrol cap every time she takes the car for a re-fill. Rose's favorite food is Puppy Pie.

War is bad. Nobody ever wins. Everyone loses. It is a shameful act.

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  1. Anonymous05:34

    Modern weapons and their ammunition are the ugly face of 'physical' evil. For those hot-heads who have never witnessed war except on TV channels, I say:" How would you react when a shell lands nearby killing and wounding your loved ones? When your brother has a gaping wound and your sister is bleeding and staring at the sky unable to move? Trust me, you would'nt want that to happen to you or any of your friends or loved ones. Those who think that killing people is okay as long as they are from another religion or color or whatever, are ignorant and evil. Show friendship,and care for one another, this world is big enough for all of us.
    I was a volunteer in a military hospital during the first year of the Lebanon Civil War,
    and I have treated hundreds of casualties. I hope I won't have to witness that again.

  2. Hi, thanks for your comment, and for sharing your thoughts and feelings.
    I know many people that were in Lebanon during the civil war, so I'd like to thank you for your work there also.
    I agree with you: killing others is never okay.

  3. Anonymous07:49

    What the fuck!?! Puppy pie!?!? Please say your kidding!!

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  5. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

  6. I feel for the people whom have to suffer this terrible war.
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