10 August 2010

How to hold up a building in Poland

I think the photos are rather self-explanatory...
All you need is a bunch of wood, a handful of nails and some expert engineering.

The resulting structure guarantees to extend the life of your dilapidated building by at least 5 minutes. And the finished product is so safe that having your children play under it is only moderately irresponsible.


  1. Anonymous21:48

    that's poverty not irresponsibility. being resourceful.

    1. Yes, I agree. It is poverty.
      But if they were my children, I wouldn't want them to be playing under such a structure - hence the "irresponsible" remark. Such things are unfortunately possible. For example, a few weeks ago, in Melbourne, an old wall collapsed and killed three people.

      Thank you for your comment.
      With respect,
      A :)

  2. Magda18:29

    Only this about Poland? That put Poland in a bad light! I guess you need to come once again and make some bigger travel report :D Best regards Ara

    1. Hi Magda. Yes, you're right. It's very lazy of me. I went to Poland twice and had a marvellous time both times. This post was just my lame attempt of humour, when I wrote this some years ago. And to be fair, I have seen this sort of scaffolding in many countries.
      I will make an effort to write something better – although, I would love to come back to Poland to get material for a bigger and better travel report! Thanks Magda! :D


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