22 August 2010

Global Delinquents #2: San Jose, Costa Rica

Make no mistake... this is a carefully manicured appearance. The struggle of power between the short hair on top and the long hair around the sides; the thicket of black hair exploding out of his face; the curvilinear teeth. I didn't catch his name but he was a very friendly and hospitable local who was only too happy to have his picture taken.

I saw him out the front of the city's Court House where, nearby, the was a graduation ceremony for San Jose's newest police officers. His business there was undisclosed.

He yelled out a jolly, welcoming remark but unfortunately it was muffled by the fumes of alcohol which were surrounding him.


  1. Do NOT tell me that not even for a single moment, this man did not remind you of yourself!!!


  2. Greg13:50

    Very nice beard. I am single!

  3. hahaha... smart arse.

  4. The hair description is quite incredible. The picture is lovely too.
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