10 June 2010

Thermal Waterfall

[Near Rio Dulce, Guatemala.]

It was a little out of the way but we were hitch-hiking and the guy who picked us up was also just passing through the area. He liked the idea of a thermal waterfall and decided to take us there to experience it for himself - instead of going to the beach, which was his original plan. He also paid for our admission and afterwards drove us back to Rio Dulce where we were staying.

The water under the fall itself was extremely hot. I assumed that meant there were no parasitic freshwater catfish that would subsequebtly swim into my urethra, and hence that it was okay to pee in the water. Just kidding... I don't make assumptions. ;)


  1. Rio Dulce is on the eastern side of Guatemala, about half way down. The town separates the Lago de Isabel from the el Gofete, which then runs into the Carribean.

    The waterfalls are called el Paraiso, which is on the Finca el Paraiso. A finca is a plantation.

    The falls were amazing. Usually hot springs are upwellings; these were hot waterfalls, over 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Thanks for all the specific information. :)
    I had forgotten most of it.