4 June 2010

Sexy Chicken

[Caye Caulker, Belize]

Perhaps you can't see with the poor resolution, but the woman on the boat is topless... and she clearly has implants.


  1. hi there ara!
    just keep on traveling, we enjoy your adventures and your pictures a lot!
    next week it's oerol again, we will be there, what about you?

  2. awwwww..... I really, really want to go to oerol!!! next week I'll be in San Francisco and then soon after I am going to Australia for a visit - I haven't been back for over 2 years.

    But I think I am much more prepared for the oerol experience now. before I hadn't really done much camping so I was a little intimidated by the idea. now that I have done it a lot - and love it - I am excited at the thought of coming there and experiencing this wonderful festival. please don't stop inviting me... one day I will come!!!

    thank you so much for following my adventures. I think about you guys a lot. please give my best to jeroen.
    much love to you both!!! :)

  3. hey ara,

    You make me laugh un chingo!
    I love your comments :D


  4. Thanks Xav! :)


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