22 June 2010

No more tortillas, please!

[Tortillas for Sale]

After travelling around Central America I realised that I wouldn't be deeply upset if I never were to see another tortilla again. They are everywhere! And everyone is an expert at making them.

I started hearing the clapping noise in my sleep... the sound of woman clapping and patting the corn pastry into flat discs. No, no... please let it stop!!!


  1. Just... wait for south india... you will cry : no more dosa please! Which is more or less the tamil tortilla.

  2. jeje... And are you sick of them? :)

  3. Hahahah thats funny! Did you had a chance to try coyotas? They are so good.

    Next time you come to Mexico make sure you go to san carlos mexico beautiful beach with great sunsets.

  4. I honestly can't remember. I looked up coyotas online and they do look familiar.
    Usually, if someone gave me something to try, I would put it in my mouth without asking what it is, haha. =)


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