Fountain Olympics 2010

Atlanta was the site of the 1996 Summer Olympics but walking around the city with a few friends I didn't really find a great deal to see or do, which led me to question how they won their Olympic bid.

Atlanta is the birth and resting place of Martin Luther King, Jr., there is an enormous aquarium and it is where Coca Cola is produced and hence there is a Coca Cola museum. I asked the manager to sponsor our admission so we could see how they produce the poison but the best she offered us was a 50% employee discount. No sale.

However I did enjoy the Centennial Olympic Park in the downtown. The Fountain of Rings in the centre of the park shoots bursts of water into the air - sometimes coordinated to music - providing entertainment and refreshment to many little children. And big children...

Welcome to the Fountain Olympics.

[Below] Qualification Event: The 20 meter Fountain Dash
Description: Run through the Olympic Rings. Points are awarded for speed and level of dryness.

[Below] Event : The Fountain Run
Description: Competitors must run to the other side of the five Olympic rings, running along the extremely slippery rings at all times. Points are awarded for speed and level of dryness. Points are deducted for falls and deviation from the path of the rings.

[Below] Did I mention that points are deducted for falls? Check out the far competitor in the first second of the video. I did say it was extremely slippery.