16 April 2010

Mexican tacos... Curse your deliciousness!

There was a taco stand around the corner from where I was staying in Mexico City. They would be there all day and all night - until 3am, if I remember correctly.

Each taco is rather small - I typically engulfed one in two big bites - which means I usually ate between 6-8 tacos to fill my stomach. Oh how I would afterwards. And they only cost $0.25-$0.30 each.

First a tortilla is filled with shreds of beef, chopped sausage, onion and parsley. Then you simply choose your sauce, top it off with a squeeze of lemon and you're set.

I must stop writing now... my saliva is dripping onto the keyboard.


  1. Sounds just like Austin. Prices are just a little bit spicier here. :p


  2. That looks divine! I'm in Japan where you can imagine there isn't much good mexican food. We try to make it at home, but there's always something missing. There's that special touch we need...

  3. Mmm, those look delicious!

  4. Yeah, you know in Australia they sell taco shells in the supermarkets but they are hard shells which always crack and fall apart while trying to eat them. The tortillas in Mexico were like pita bread in form and really made a difference - not to mention the meat and spices which they put inside: a combination of juicy meat and sausage.


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