10 December 2009

Isla Fuerte, Colombia

This is Isla Fuerte ("Strong Island"). It was the main reason why I passed through Monteria, Moñitos and Paso Nuevo. It is a small island with, once again, very few people and no foreigners. It is a fantastic island with dark sand beaches and a very inviting shoreline.

[Below] There are no cars on Isla Fuerte, hence no need for roads. Most of the "streets" are simply a passage of grass or dirt between wooden dwellings. It has a very relaxed atmosphere.

[Below] Did I mention the beaches? It's possible to camp on the beaches and there is also some cabins and accomodation, which I imagine is used by the Colombian tourists when they visit in the high season.

[Below] The church can be found on the main road.

[Below] The people are super friendly. The little boy on the left sat next to me on the speed-boat from Paso Nuevo. He was extremely curious about where I am from and my appearance that he was continually asking me questions - even if I didn't answer. His coastal accent was difficult to understand, but when I told him of my difficulties he found it strange that my native language could be anything other than Spanish. We sat without speaking for a few minutes, in which time he examined the hair on my leg - grabbing it, stretching it out and then letting it go.

[Below] This man was sitting on his front porch, lazing about - as is a common past-time in Colombia. I started speaking to him and asked him where I could find a place to have lunch. His wife, also on the porch, said that she would be very happy to cook something for me for a minimal fee (U$5). It was delicious.

[Below] There are leaves behind this boy because he is in a tree.

[Below] My communication with this old man was strictly restricted to head movements and hand signals.

[Below] An antique washing machine.

Isla Fuerte is off the beaten track but definitely worth a visit!

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  1. Again, I am so happy that you had the opportunity to discover the department of Córdoba.

  2. Anonymous01:53

    Good day,

    This place sounds like heaven. I'll be down in the Caribbean in Aug and I was wondering if we just hop a boat from Monteria?

    Thanks for this article. Travel well!


  3. Hi Lauren!
    If I remember correctly, you have to take a bus from Monteria to Moñitos and then go to Isla Fuerte from there. There are a few hotels to chose from in Moñitos, and you could probably also ask some locals on Isla Fuerte if you could pay them to put you up for the night.
    There are boats to Isla Fuerte from Moñitos, but there weren't any on the day that I was there. I had to take a bus to Paso Nuevo and get a boat from there.
    When you arrive in Moñitos ask around and find out when the boats leave.

    Crossing the stetch of water on a launch (a big motorboat) is a heck of an experience, but bear in mind you may get hammered with water in your face for a big part of the journey... and it can be a bumpy ride. All part of the adventure. ;)

    Here's some links that you should check out:



    Happy travels! =)

  4. Anonymous02:39

    Do you know anything about hostels and camping grounds on Isla Fuerte?

    1. I don't know if there are. Ask one of the locals and they'll tell you. And if there there isn't a hostel or camping ground, I'm sure they'll offer you a place to stay for a small fee. Otherwise, find the friendliest person you can and ask if you can either stay with them... or perhaps if you can camp on their property.


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