Halloween in Colombia

On Halloween 2009 I found myself in Cali, Colombia. Stefy, my wonderful host, had organised that we attend the Couchsurfing Halloween party... where a costume was obligatory.

I had never dressed up for Halloween before - except for that one time when I was about 14-years-old when I dressed-up in a bed sheet and called it a "toga." Even I thought that was lame.

Strangely, the idea of dressing up as a mummy came to me in a dream. So I went and bought 3 meters of cheap cloth; tore it up into strips; painted my face (n.b. lots of fun) and wrapped myself up.

This was the result. Most people were quite impressed. Actually, I was surprised that it turned out the way that I had imagined it.

However the horror and scary connotations of Halloween do not really apply here. The women mostly dressed up glamorously; perhaps with wigs or a traditional dress, but definitely nothing ghoulish or evil. The men did had costumes - e.g. rock-stars, doctors, and more wigs - but on the whole, Halloween in Colombia was more like a fancy-dress party.

I guess I now know what I'll look like if I ever enter a state of un-dead.

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