Police in Peru

During my brief stop in Lima I interacted with many policemen. There was a changing of the guards ceremony at the presidential palace and consequently there was a lot of security around the main square, where the palace is located.

[Above and below] Casual security

Usually police do not like to have their photo taken. Once, in Spain, they even approached me and forced me to delete the photos I had taken of them. So I was quite surprised when the police in Lima told me to click away at my heart's content.

[Below] Crossing the line

[Above and below] Assault vehicle - for manifestations, demonstrations and mud-wrestle preparation.

[Above and below] I saw this armoured vehicle in front of another official building. I went up to the guys in front and started chatting to them. They told me that this vehicle came from Iraq. I then took the liberty to knock on the thick, metal shell and bulletproof glass and kick the tyres, assessing strength and sturdiness. It passed.

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