The mysterious fruits of Colombia

I'm still so excited after my visit to that wonderful supermarket across the street from my host's apartment in Cali. Arelis, the supervisor, guided us around and explained the names and uses of all these mysterious delectables. Names such as: guanabana, pipilanga, ├▒ame, caimo, feijoa, papayuela, higos, remolacha, pitaya and mamey. Of course I forgot everything she told us so if you have any idea what you're looking at, please, indulge me. :)

[Below] Numerous pulps. Simple add water or milk for a delicious juice. Yum!!!

[Below] Welcome to the Lemon family

[Below] These I know... mangoes.

[Below] As we were playing with these - smelling them, shaking them for a rattle and licking them - a woman passing-by explained that they can be used to make sugar, but in Colombia they are used in salads.

[Below] Spiky yellow fruit. It tasted like juicy rubber. Delicious!

[Below] Baby Watermelons

[Below] Frozen raspberries. They were sweet and crunchy. How can you go wrong with that combination?

[Below] I think this is called... Yelloooooow!!!

[Below] Greeeeeeen!!!

[Below] Canon-ball fruit

[Below] Spiky green football. It looks like it doesn't want to be eaten. Why fight it?

[Below] Tomatoes crossed with pears? Tomato pears?

[Below] Miscellaneous green fruits.

[Below] I thought these were mandarins, but after seeing so many strange variations I'm not sure anymore.

[Below] Green brain fruit. Good for the memory.

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