23 September 2009

Iguanas in Ecuador

I'm currently in Guayaquil - Ecuador's largest city. It's a lovely city with modern infrastructure, numerous rubbish bins and a beautiful, long river-front promenade. There are also many parks, but instead of cute squirrels clambering up and down the trees they have large, scaly, prehistoric iguanas (above).

The iguanas are quite harmless and very child friendly, as can be seen from the photo below where a young child smoking a cigarette is trying to torment an iguana.

I'm probably going to be in Guayaquil for a few more days - maybe up to a week. My plan is to go to the Galapagos Islands and the cheapest possible flight is with the military (in their military plane). They only fly once a month and only advise regarding the flight date a day or two in advance - though they have said that a flight for next week is 90 percent certain. If all goes to plan I shall save US$100 from the cost of the flight... although I may have to disembark using a parachute. ;)

These iguanas are only a little taste of what I'm sure I will find on the Galapagos Islands - which I have dreamed of visiting since I was twelve-years-old, when I first learned about Charles Darwin.

So over the next few days - asI wait here in Guayaquil - I may post about interesting things I experienced in Peru and Bolivia which I didn't have a chance to post about earlier. I hope you enjoy them (comments are always welcome). :)

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  1. I love that last photo of an iguana. Are you eyeballin' me, boy? lol

    Also, I can't believe that little kid is smoking!!!

  2. Thanks Katie. And don't worry... I think it's probably just a lolly-pop in his mouth. ;)

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  4. There are way too many of these out their and I am really not a lizard person.
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