Help me identify the birds of the Amazon!

Remember the guy above? I didn't know what he/she was called so I just called it a "mohawked, Amazon chicken". But thanks to the help of a kind reader I now know it is a Hoatzin. I wasn't close at all. Poo!

Here are a few of the other birds I saw whilst in the Amazon. Please help me identify them. I have written what I think their names are.

[Above] Long Necked Amazonian Stork. It only delivers babies in the dry season.

[Above and below] Black Poser. It spreads its wings to dry them. This is actually true... about the wings, that is. Nevertheless, it is still a poser. Yeah!

[Below] The Vain Swamp Swan - formerly known as The Ugly Swamp Duckling.

[Below] I think this is a Long Necked Amazonian Stork again.

[Below] The Ugly Swamp Duckling.

[Below] Flamingo Duck

[Below] Elephant Bird. This thing is enormous. And don't be eating if it's hungry - it's not shy. Driving into the pampas, our group stopped for lunch at a restaurant in a local town called Santa Rosa. This winged mammoth walked right in and started snapping at food... and people.

[Below] And if you thought it couldn't fly... wrong!!! Here's one in a huge nest high above our camp (on the second-highest bunch of branches).

Thank you for all your help. :)

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