11 June 2009


I'm in beautiful Valparaíso on the west coast of Chile.

With Santiago 98 kilometers inland, Valparaiso slowly became the port of international trade for Chile during the 1800's.

Today it is a city of colorful hills with painted houses stacked high to the sky. And with nine universities it is also a center of education in Chile. Furthermore, the historic quarter of Valparaiso was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.

Personally, I am loving this place - it has such a wonderful energy. Every street I walk down is an enormous stimulation of color, with clever graffiti around every corner and houses painted in many wild and wonderful colors. I can't help myself but smile and be happy here.

[Above and below] The harbor

[Below] A street leading away from the main, downtown square.

[Below] Old houses

[Below] Newer houses

[Below, left] A bit of the skyline.
[Below, right] A view from one of the hills.

[Below] Random houses in random streets.

[Below] The view over the Pacific Ocean. The Chilean navy also use the harbor at Valparaiso. What a treat!

[Below] I guess these are Trolebuses? The vehicles themselves are ordinary buses but they're powered by the overhead electrical wires, to which they are attached.

[Below] The old jail of Valparaiso has now been turned into a cultural center where kids can come and play sports, dance and participate in other activities.

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