14 June 2009

A day trip from Valparaiso

Yesterday I went to Zapallar with my host. It's a small fishing village about 1.5 hours north of Valparaiso - longer if you take the bus which stops at every small town in-between, as we did on the way back.

[Below] The houses in Zapallar were mostly large mansions, belonging to the wealthy.

[Below] These two old men were sitting outside a tiny, fisherman's recluse.

[Below] Inside the little hut were about ten fishermen watching the Under 21's Football World Cup: Chile vs France. Chile scored a goal in the last few minutes of the game and consequently won the championship.

[Below] In the center of the little hut were several cauldrons of water boiling over a strong fire, with the smoke raising up and escaping through an opening in the roof. Beside the fire was a large bucket of fresh crabs waiting to be cooked. I was secretly hoping they would invite us to stay for the meal and celebrate Chile's victory in the soccer with them. They didn't.

[Below] The evacuation route from Zapaller?... Fly!

After lunch we slowly made out way to Cachagua to see some Humboldt penguins. We took the scenic coastline - meaning we climbed over the huge rocks and boulders among the crashing waves. It was a slow process so it soon became dark and we had to hitch-hike the rest of the way there. By the time we arrived the sun had already gone down,but we stayed there for a few minutes admiring tiny white dots in the distance, believing they were penguins.

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  1. Those old dudes seem depressed or they didn't like you... hehe. Did they ask why you were taking their photos and is that as excited as they got when the under 21's scored the goal?

    Have Fun.
    Ara G.

  2. They were just chilling outside the fisherman's hut. Actually, they were the only two people NOT interested in the football. Chile scored the only goal of the game whilst I was taking their picture. People came out of nowhere, running into the hut to see the replay, but these two guys didn't even move a muscle.

    They didn't ask why I was taking their picture, but I showed them the photos afterwards... and that made them smile. :)


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