2 May 2009

Some DON'T like it hot!

I'm frantically trying to get everything done before leaving Argentina early next week. This includes: backing-up all my photography and writing; contacting friends in Chile (where I'm heading); seeing all the things in Buenos Aires that I missed in the last five months; organising a farewell gathering and saying goodbye to everyone I connected with.

In the process of sorting through my photos I found this series which I took at a big protest rally in Asuncion, Paraguay. It was an extremely hot day. What do you think?

[Above] Her head didn't fit inside the bag. This was the next best option.

[Above] How to improve your posture.

[Above] The man with no head.

[Above] Super-Umbrella! Formerly the property of Mary Poppins.

[Above] I had a little trouble reading this banner and hence what their protest was about, but there were many pigeons supporting their cause!


  1. Sammy Russell22:43

    I've recently implemented some of those posture-corrective exercises with myself. Impressively, although I've yet to experience a marked improvement in my spinal posture, the booty be gettin' bigger.

  2. Hmm... I think it also depends on who you use on top. If you use Dostoyevsky or Kafka then a positive effect passes into your body osmotically. But if you're just using a couple of Fat Albert videos, well, yeah... big booty. :D

  3. You should actually come to Delhi now and see new postures. Just arrived from hot bangkok this evening and Delhi was no good .. "You would be shortly landing at the New Delhi Intl Airport and the temperature outside is hovering around 41 degress" . . phew ..

  4. holy moly!!!
    I have never assessed the posture of a person who has melted!

  5. Anonymous15:22

    i never realized what postures appear in saudi arabia. i guess we're immune to sun rays :P


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