Some DON'T like it hot!

I'm frantically trying to get everything done before leaving Argentina early next week. This includes: backing-up all my photography and writing; contacting friends in Chile (where I'm heading); seeing all the things in Buenos Aires that I missed in the last five months; organising a farewell gathering and saying goodbye to everyone I connected with.

In the process of sorting through my photos I found this series which I took at a big protest rally in Asuncion, Paraguay. It was an extremely hot day. What do you think?

[Above] Her head didn't fit inside the bag. This was the next best option.

[Above] How to improve your posture.

[Above] The man with no head.

[Above] Super-Umbrella! Formerly the property of Mary Poppins.

[Above] I had a little trouble reading this banner and hence what their protest was about, but there were many pigeons supporting their cause!