Easter Island

I arrived on Isla de Pascua ("Easter Island") two days ago. I found a Couchsurfer from Santiago who is living here for a few months and he said I could put up my tent in his backyard. Yay!

So I tried to call him when I landed but my telephone-Spanish comprehension is still not that great. So I handed the phone to a guy beside me - who was a representative from a hotel, trying to pick up clients from the newly landed flight. I gave him a pen and paper and asked him to please write down the address. He spoke to Ale, my host, and nodded knowingly as to where he lived and said he'd take me there.

Ale and his friends are an awesome group of people - like a big family. They said I can sleep inside on the floor but I prefer to sleep outside in my tent, in the fresh air and nature. They have given me loads of adive, maps and information about the island. And use of their bikes, snorkling gear and anything else I want.

My attempts to explore the island yesterday weren't so great. I cycled little little ass to the bone - which isn't that much - though I didn't get very far. I saw a few fallen moai (the big stone heads) but nothing more. Though I did make friends with a little dog who chased me for 15 kilometres.

Today I tried hitch-hiking instead and saw a lot more of the island - and some amazing sights. Though I also found myself walking through alternating heavy rain and sunny weather - that's how it is on a tropical, Pacific island. But I met some awesome people in the process.