17 April 2009


Allow me to introduce you to my left foot.

This is what it looks like after wearing sandals for the last seven months:

It's a beautiful tan, no?

The first photo was taken in El Calafate. Notice that I'm wearing trousers and thermal-leggings in addition to my shoes and socks. Yes, it's good to be back in Buenos Aires. ;)


  1. I hope you don't find a girl who has foot fetish

  2. Don't you think she would appreciate the diversity of color? ;)

  3. Anonymous03:24

    good to see that you've the same sandals and the same bracelet than when we were together !

  4. haha... yeah, the artesano who exhanged it for an adjustment said it would last for 5 years! :D

  5. Anonymous03:43

    hmmm the 3 of them were taken in Calafate or you found the very same floor tiles? ;)

  6. Yes, they were all taken in Calafate - it's best to be consistent, I think. And the floor was a good color to have as a background. :)


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