Posing in Uruguay

A few ego photos from my trip to Uruguay with Debora. I realise it was a few weeks ago, but I promised my mummy I would post these and I didn't have access to them whilst I was in Patagonia. Blah blah blah, excuses excuses. Enough. Here they are:

[Below] Our first day in Montevideo. We went to a big shopping complex to buy batteries for Debora's new, second-hand camera. It started raining as we arrived, so we bought some resources to make sandwiches and sat in the food-court until the weather was suitably better. This photo is a product of our slight boredom.

[Below] Around the corner from where we were staying in Montevideo there was a long wall with lots of colourful graffiti. What better way to show this than in black-&-white, haha.

[Below] Debora's new, old Canon AE-1... a fine camera for anyone wishing to go completely manual. It was manufactured between 1976 to 1984 and had unprecedented success in the SLR market, selling 5 million units. Note the graffiti wall in the background. :)

[Below] The colorful wall in B&W again.

[Below] We stopped in Castillos for a few hours as we waited for the connecting bus to Cabo Polonio.

[Below] Hitch-hiking from Montevideo to Punta del Diablo. I love this photo - I bet the guy on the motorbike wish he had a passenger-seat. After three-hours of waiting we decided to take a bus.

[Below] Another photo resulting from a boring period of waiting.