Loss or Gain?

Today I lost 250 pesos - which is about US$70. I had taken a bulk of money out of an automatic teller earlier in the day and after paying for something I put the change in my pocket. My pockets are usually over-loaded with scribbling paper, pens, wallet, mobile phone, maps, list of things to do - hence why I usually have about 6 pockets on my trousers or shorts - and I believe the change must have fallen out whilst I pulled out something else. A nice present for someone.

I was really stressed about it for a while and then reflected on what happened. I realised that lately I have been too preoccupied about saving money during my travels. It is true that - particularly due to the unknown length of my travels - the more money I save, the longer and further I can travel. But there is a point where this is affecting my experiences.

I am happy that I lost this money. It was a gift. A wake-up call. I actually feel lighter and freer for having lost it. It is only money, and money is material and not one of my interests. I am not a material person and so, upon reflection, I realise how toxic my behaviour was, and how it was affecting my experiences.

I am travelling and so I should be experiencing as much as I can during this voyage through the new lands and new life. I don't know how much longer or how much shorter my life is going to be, the only thing that is certain is that I am here now - walking and talking, breathing and living. Hence now is the time to experience as much as I can with the time the universe has permitted me in it's master plan - and to do this by any means necessary.

I cannot leave my current form of existence with anything material, so it's best that I use it and share it with joy, love and happiness: to make myself happy, to make those around me happy, to add to my experiences and therefore to grow.

This was a priceless lesson that I learned, and I got it for a bargain.

"It is only when you have lost everything, you are free to do anything." - Fight club