Leaving Cabo Polonio

[Above] Here it is: Cabo Polonio - the next day when it was sunny. Beach weather in fact. It turns out that Uruguay has some of the world's most beautiful beaches. I walked along three of them. Swam in none of them. Poo!

This photo was actually taken leaving the village - when the universe decided it would be funny to bring the sun out of hiding. Unfortunately we couldn't stop for a quick dip: in the middle of cooking lunch, at 12.15, we realised that the only bus leaving the region was at 3pm. The connotations were not good, as we were 7km away from the bus stop on the main road. We cooked, shovelled down the food, cleaned the cabin and trekked hard to the bus stop.

We marched the 7km in one-and-a-half hours, giving us twenty minutes to spare - twenty minutes we could have used to have a dip in the Atlantic ocean. Poo!

[Above] Still a bit cloudy. Obviously these photos are not in chronological order.

[Below] One of the pleasant characteristic of the village were the bright colors used to paint the wooden cabins and huts.

Life is simple in the village. There are a couple of grocery stores and a school - with about seven young pupils. Besides the cabins and huts - and the lighthouse - there was not really much else there. Only simplicity.

[Below] In case there's any mystery about this, this is a locked door.

[Below] As there is no running water, rain is collected in wells and water is acquired the old-fashioned way. However we didn't need to visit a well during out visit: it was raining so much that I placed a couple of BIG cooking pots outside our cabin and they filled up in about 15 minutes.