Another street market in Montevideo

The junk that people sell always astounds me. But what shocks me more is that people actually buy this junk. At least I imagine they do. There must be a demand for the junk otherwise why the heck are the vendors even there - it couldn't be just for the sake of tourists and pretty pictures. Could it?

Alejandra and Gonzalo, out hosts in Montevideo, said that we could find anything in this market - including second-hand false-teeth. They were not kidding.

Here are a few things that I found.

[Below] Rusted tools - still useful, but really testing their Lifetime Guarantees.

[Below] Pram wheels - for those people who want to buy special rims for their baby's ride.

[Below] The red carpet of fallen super-heroes.

[Below] Random washers and seals. Bring your faucet to find a perfect match - or buy a new faucet at the next stall.