Argentinean folklore

Following on from the last post, here are a few images of the concert. These are some people dancing folklore - which is quite particular and different from other dances I've seen.

It involves a lot of arms in the air and spinning around the other person (individually, without contact) which is interspersed with strong, on-the-spot, toe-tapping and foot-stomping.

It's very smooth and poetic. And very seductive. And although there seems to be no contact during the dance, it always ends with the couple in a close embrace. So I guess it's all just a tease. But isn't all dancing? ;)

[Above] One of the duo of Duo Coplanacu.

[Above] The violinist of Duo Coplanacu.

[Above] People dancing folklore.

[Above] A bit of fast-paced, dancing on the spot: toe-tapping and foot-stomping.

[Above] Arses. Though I'm a bit concerned about the pelvic tilt of the arse on the left.

[Above] That's not the moon. It's a light, haha. Though the violinist did turn into a werewolf shortly after he finished plucking the strings.

[Above & below] My friends dancing folklore.
Yes, I have friends.

Actually, I only really know one of them. So I guess I can only say that I have one friend at this point, haha.