15 January 2009


The other day when I was walking home an old man - in his mid-sixties - took the last cigarette out of its packet and dropped the packet on the ground at the exact moment I walked past him. I turned around for a second look and saw a rubbish-bin no more than three metres away from him.

I stopped, turned around, went back to him and bent down at his feet to pick up the cigarette packet from the wet gutter. I put it in the bin - giving him a frustrated look as I shook my head in disappointment.

"Oh... sorry," he said, acting as if it was an accident.
I said, "It's our planet, our world... you know?" and continued walking.

Maybe next time he will have different thoughts processing before polluting our beautiful planet. Maybe he'll even look for a bin.


  1. Anonymous21:16

    Ara its because of this better than you attitude that resistance is encountered.

  2. I was only peacefully illustrating how easy it is to keep our planet beautiful. I wasn't confrontational and I didn't show him anger. He didn't become upset, and in fact he had a realisation.

    It is often possible for one's motives to be interpreted to be self-serving, or egoistic or looking down upon someone, but I assure you that wasn't my intention.

    Perhaps it was an error in my writing, but the reason I gave him a frustrated look and a disappointed shake of my head was exactly because I WAS frustrated and disappointed, and unfortunately I guess I couldn't conceal it. Perhaps that's a fault on my part.

    And I only justified myself afterwards so that he knew the reason for my actions, and so that he knew my motives were pure and for the love of our beautiful planet.

    But I can see your point and how it may perhaps contribute to resistance. Can you please suggest another way to approach this scenario?

    I look forward to your comments, my friend.

    with much love and light,

  3. Anonymous00:40

    Hi Ara - frustration and disappointment are borne from the judgement that comes with arrogance of ego. I understand that this is not where you are but think of how it could have been done with love and attraction. Good luck my friend.

  4. Yes, I think you are right. I don't think I have too much arrogance of ego - and certainly I didn't recognise it in this incident - but ultimately you are right.

    This is one of the big goals for my journey: to learn not to judge and to simply accept and love everyone. I am getting better - and I am certainly leagues ahead of where I used to be - but I know I still have a long journey ahead. I'm sure I will continue to face these little tests.

    Thanks for your wise words and guidance. I think you've helped me identify something very important :)


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