The heat is on

It's starting to get to that uncomfortable level of heat in Buenos Aires. You sit in your place, unmoving, and you feel the sweat crawling down the side of your face; the body incubating within your minimalistic clothing feels clammy and sticky; it is more labouring to breathe the heavy air; you are always tired and lethargic and without energy or motivation to do anything; and every night brings with it an uneasy slumber of restlessness - tossing and turning as one suffers in the climatic oppression.

Two nights ago I was considering to spend a night under the stars, on the flat roof of my apartment complex. While surveying the area - before committing to the decision - a brisk gust of cool breeze embraced me with imaginary arms. I was immediately sold on the idea.

So for a few hours the stars whispered silent stories of happiness into my imagination as the wind blew a fresh blanket over my body. But my cosmic dreams were interrupted my some old friends - mosquitoes. Bloody mosquitoes!

"Goodbye stars. I'm going inside."

The roof terrace

My school desk

The toilet on the roof terrace. Just kidding ;)