Bloody mosquitoes (no pun intended)

I don't like mosquitoes. I don't know what they contribute to our planet - besdes perhaps being easy prey for frogs and other swamp creatures. They just seem like scavengous, disease-spreading pests.

After my voyage around the islands of Parana I counted no less than 21 mosquito bites solely around my right ankle! I don't now why they find only the blood in my right ankle particularly tasty but there you have it. Over a week on, these bites are still in various sizes and stages of healing: from tiny bites that look like inverted nipples to raised plateaus with a spot of blood at their peak from where my nails simply could not resist the itch.

I'm heading to Asuncion, Paraguay in the next few days. I've read that I should consider mosquito repellant my new collogne. I think I'll just wear two pairs of socks on my right ankle. She'll be right! ;-)