Still here

I'm still in Rio. Though today I'm leaving to go to a small island (I think) that's less than an hour's drive away - there's a bridge. I'm going to stay there for a day or too, do some trekking, maybe have a swim.

I had my first swim in Rio yesterday. The weather was finally decent enough. The waves on Copacabana were monstrous, and gained momentum so suddenly and in such shallow water - repeatedly propelling me towards the beach and if it wanted to spit me out.

Last night I went to a favela 'Funk' party. This is Brasilian Funk, which means there was a lot of people - mostly women - who were gaining closer and closer proximity to the ground whilst pushing their ass out and shaking it in ways that salt shaker would be proud. I was writing down some of my observations and a girl took the napkin I was writing on and wrote down her phone number.

It was all very safe. I was on a tour and so there were many gringos. MANY gringos. So I generally left them and walked around all the so-called gangsters on my own to get a feel of what the energy of the place is really like. And I thought it was just a bunch of people having a good time. But this is my impression of ANY nightclub I've been to anywhere in the world. Anywhere I have been I have found them to be all the same. The only difference is the music, the appearance of the people, and sometimes the clothes. In this case it meant mostly topless man.

I couldn't appreciate an element of danger as many guys often stopped me and hugged me for no reason. But I think that's called ecstasy.

Sorry for those I haven't called for a while. I haven't Skype capabilities for some time now.