Big Island

[Photos from Niteroi]

I'm in Ilha Grande (translation: Big Island). It's like a little paradise here. There are no banks, no cars, people are friendly, it's very safe and secure, and I have absolutely no reason to switch on my mobile phone. Today I trekked 2 hours to a beautiful beach on the other side on the island.

I swam in four different beaches along the way - all of them were spectacular. But the clouds were angry on my way back, so I ran through the forest and through the mountainous trail - one hour. I was a bit hot and sweaty when I got back so, although it was raining, I jumped into the beach to cool down. Soooo fresh.

I haven't had a chance to upload any photos of this place so I'm using some from my time in Niteroi and the beautiful Itacoatiara beach.

Yes, ladies. I know. Surfer guys!!!

Yes, fellas. I know. All bikinis in Brasil are like this. I think it's almost illegal for a woman to wear a bikini that covers any more of their butt.

The view of Rio from the Niteroi's Icarai Beach. It's a bit dirty, so noone really swims there, though the view is spectacular. See the faint outline of Cristo Redentor on the top right?

From the mountainous rock hanging over Itacoatiara beach.