Trekking in Lencois... with sandals :)

They say ¨Having no plan is a plan to fail.¨

I think I finally have a plan.

I'm going to circle around South America, clockwise - possibly down into Patagonia - up through Chile and Peru, then into central america and into the United States, spending some time on the east coast. I may then consider buying a car and doing a road trip from the west coast to the east.

These plans exist only in my head at the moment and of course may change with the wind. But that's where I'm at at the moment... mentally.

Physically, I'm in Lencois. A cool little town which offers loads of outdoor activity. The plan is to trek into the National Park in the next day or two. Sam has a map. I have a compass. I used a compass once in school camp about 16 years ago so it's possible it will still be useful to us - and I have the mobile phone number of the guy at tourist information, in case we need a search party or helicopter to come get us, haha.

It took 24 hours by bus to get here from Fortaleza and will take another 26 hours to get to Rio... a journey we will make in a few days. Fortunately the buses here are more comfortable than planes - though the tickets cost about as much as well.