Back in Yerevan

The family who gave us a lift to Kari Lich and Mt. Aragats were absolutely awesome :)
We met up with them when we got back to Yerevan and they insisted we take their spare Nissian Pathfinder 4WD to drive down south and to Karabakh. This has been the road-trip we have been on for the last 4 days.

I don't have much time, so I'll be quick. The first day we went to Noravank moastary, high on the hill and then camped at Zorats Karer - which are 3,000 year old stones of astrological significance.

The next day we drove to Goris and explored the caves they have on the mountains and then continued onto Tatev. The roads were the worst you could imagine with more pot-holes than actual road. We got there by night so didn't see much that day. But we camped by what we imagined was the church and monastery.

The next morning we woke up to find we were right. We checked out the Church and headed on to Karabakh. We got there by night as well so spent the next day driving around the countryside., checking out some villages that were ruined by the war.

The following day (yesterday) we drove back, checking out some more villages and heading down south to a place called Kamri Shuka. There's a tiny village nearby that also has a cave. It's a 6-chambered cave full of bats. We went in, with bats circling over our heads as we stepped-in, slipped-on and fell-over in LOADS of bat shit. That night we drove back most of the way to Yeravan and camped under the smile of Mount Ararat, at Khor Virap.

Today has been a clean up day. Clean ourselves, pack our bags, clean the car and prepare to head on - hopefully to Lake Sevan. Let's see :)