Photo reel from a few days in Suiss

I just arrived in Spain a couple of days ago. I'm meeting and greeting people, trying to look for work whilst trying to improve my Spanish at the same time - yesterday I told a woman "I would like to bring in Spain." She smiled and nodded, and was careful not to turn her back to me as she walked away.

I still have Switzerland on my mind though - I keep pressing the Swiss keys on the keyboard and I keep trying to kiss people on the cheeks three times - as is the custom in Switzerland - rather than the two here in Spain. Anyway, here's a bit of a photo reel from the time I spent in the shadow of the Alps. Enjoy...

View of the Swiss Alps from the ferry from Vever to Ouchy

The Internation Olympic Committee (IOC) is based in Lausanne! Hence they have created an Olympic Museum so that tourists may come and celebrate this fact. I didn't hear many rave reviews about the museum itself, but the statue park and gardens outside were lovely - though some of their museum and art collection peices strained comprehension. I didn't exactly know how to interpret this mural. At first I thought it was a graffitti wall, but then I realised it was an imagine of a foot stepping on a badly drawn cock. I don't know what it has to do with Olympics, but there you go.

In answer to you imminent question... Yes! I was the model for this peice.

I was good to see the IOC diversified their collection to include art pieces of homo-eroticism - not quite an Olympic sport yet though.

Pleasure or pain?

Okay okay... I'll remit. Here's the original, but you must admit the artist's interpretation of "bringing up the rear" really is quite literal.
Actually, when I looked again and counted only five wheels for three BI-cycles I was really quite impressed with their arrangement. Pretty cool!

I would have liked to have seen how long the un-tangled nozzle was.

"Ride Piggy, ride!" commanded the Genereal. And with that he gallantly rode his swine to victory.

As we were walking on the sidewalk this charming rat scurried towards us a asked us if we knew of a good place to die. I showed him the bottom of my shoe but he said he was looking for something with self-catering.