Okay... so an update:

I was in Mallorca for a 4-day seminar and then stayed on for an extra 3 days exploring the island. Then I flew to Swityerland where I have been for the last 10 days - the keyboard I'm using has the Z and the Y in opposite places. My original flight back to Spain leaves from Geneva in precisely 25 minutes, though I am sitting in mz friend's room looking out her window and starring at the Swiss Alps i.e. I changed my plane ticket. I'm having a good time here so I've decided to stay longer :)

There are a many interesting things about Swiyterland. Most notable is how bloody expensive it is here, particularly the public transport. My friend Claudia is a journalist for a small local TV station in one of Geneva's suburbs, but she lives in Lausanne which is less than an hour away by train. I went into work with her yesterdaz and was astounded that it cost 23 Swiss Franc (about 23 Aussie dollars and over 10 quid) to get there - ONE WAY! This is just to the next bloody town! With the return journey and buses in Geneva, it cost me 49 Swiss Francs for the day. Poo! But I got to help out on the shoot - by holding an umbrella over the camera - and even had my name written in the credits! Yay!!

The other thing is the love of cheese. The day that I arrived I had a Fondue Party organised in my honour. We gathered in a city park, directly in front of the Swiss Alps and waited for the wine to heat up so that we could melt the cheese in it. It's a little rich for me, but my Swiss friends just couldn't get enough - and they were scraping at the bottom of the pan. It threatened to be a really short night when we realised no-one brought a corkscrew, but luckily one of my friends managed to open the wine-bottle with a shoe... think about it.

A few day later we had a raclette, where a bunch of us sat around a cheese melter machine, heating our salted cow's-milk cheese in our individual pans and then scraping it off onto boiled potatoes. Delicious! Of course more wine was involved :)