I had another celebration-of-birth day. I found it a fitting opportunity to also commemorate my final departure from London town... finally!

As last year, I organised a gathering at a Comedy Club, with an after-party at a nearby nightclub. There were 22 of us all-together. Friends from Christmas-past and friends from Christmas-present... and as it turns out, even some friends from Christmas-future!

Anyway, to summarise... the comedy was funny, the club involved alcohol and dancing and loads of fun, and the night was concluded at Steve's place where I fell asleep, full-clothed, on his sofa - we all completely crashed out. It was certainly a great night that I will always remember.

Thanks to everyone who came. Here are just a few of the memories...

Is it dancing or is it Martial Arts? Is there a difference?


I beg the question... who is having more fun?

Quick! Everybody grab something before we all fall down!

Nothing like finishing off the procedings with a slow-dance.

A well-needed sleep :)