23 May 2007

Новый год

Russia's answer to the Backstreet Boys.
You have to admit... it's catchy. I've started singing it as I walk down the street.

Novi novi novi novi gooooooood!!!!

* * * * *
UPDATE: 2nd July 2013

I've done a little research (not much) and found out that Новый год (or "Novi God") means "New Year" in Russian. The name of the band is Стекловата, or "Fibreglass." You can find a bit of background information about them here. And here's a link to their official website (though you might need Google Translate to help you out).

"Listen to me sing, NOW!"


  1. Anonymous06:06

    All I can say is....Novi novi novi novi baaaaaaad!!!!

    Rosie x

  2. I KNOW you're joking, Rosie. So I've taken the liberty of tracking down their website for you, haha.




  3. Ara, this is Mónica, from Mallorca!!! how are you cool bananas boy!? WE, Rachel and me had such a fun with this post. One thing. can you tell me how you add youtube videos to the blog? I also have one and I dont get to do it!

    Take care of you

  4. Hi Mónica!!!
    Estoy muy bueno! Hablo mas Espanol, pero no es mucho. (I hope that's right - my vocabulary is between 350-400 words at the moment). Should it be "es" or "está"?
    I love this video too!!
    It's quite easy to add a video to your blog. First you must create a youtube account - which is free. And then click on the link under the video that says "post video." It should then guide you on how to enter the details of your blog. After that it should just appear on your blog. And every time you want to post a video you just click on that link and it will automatically post it... and Cool bananas!!!


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