15 February 2007

Officially thirty

Nothing is official without a big ceremony to mark the occasion.

On Saturday past a group of my friends and friends of friends celebrated my three decades of existence by rendezvousing at the Covent Garden Comedy Club in London. With a group booking for 16 people, we were sat right at the front - subjected to the ridicule of the comedians performing on the night. With two girls sitting on either side of me, and my hairy chest climbing over the second button of my shirt, it’s needless to say the comedians likened me to a pimp.

Afterwards, we headed to a nearby nightclub and boogied till 1 a.m. Of course, getting home thereafter was a wet blanket on an otherwise great night – it involved two hours of trains, buses and delays and rail replacement services.

Everybody had a great night, vowing to "Do this again soon."

Thanks to everyone who came. It was great to see you all.


  1. Anonymous00:04

    Pish pish, awww ur looking so cute with your long brown locks - if only I was there to yank them 30 times to celebrate each year of your pretty existence!

    All the best mate, would be great to see you again in Australia - only 3 weeks till Im in the Caribbean, and I promise to sink some rums just for you :)

    Your cuz,


  2. Thanks pish pish,

    I hope you have an awesome time. Remember to slip slop slap. Oh, and don't forget what I taught you in New Zealand: if nobody sees you do it, it's not illegal.

    Are you going to keep a blog of your travels?

    Take care, couz.