If cartoons have taught us anything they've taught us body massage

Cartoons have never had such a clear message.

At five or six years-old kids have no concpt of time. It's either time for cartoons, time for fun - yet eucational - TV programs, or the rebellious after-your-bedtime viewing.

I used to get up enthusiastically early on Sunday mornings - maybe as early as 6 a.m.. I used to tip-toe into the lounge, close the passageway door leading to my parents bedroom, close the passageway door leading to my brother's bedroom, turn the television on at the lowest volume audible to humans and watch cartoons.

They were great. Wacky Races, Bugs Bunny, Fat Albert, He-Man, Astro-Boy, Transformers, etc, etc. Some of these cartoons concluded with a message of learning: don't play with fire, cross the road with care AND stay away from live electrical wires.

G.I Joe was one of these such cartoons. Watch and learn good.