When in Rome... don't die

Rome. This is the place I'm going to die.
There are cafes, bars, pizzarias and gelateries on every street corner. There are winding streets and hidden alleys which hold unexplored mystery. And every turn of the head reveals another Roman landmark which pre-dates Christ, testifying to the greatness of the city. But MY imminent death will occur whilst crossing the road.

I continue to walk onto the busy, frantic roads without looking in the right direction for traffic. I did this three times now and I've been lucky each time to be crossing at times where there has paradoxically been no traffic. It doesn't help that I'm a lazy bastard and I can't be bothered walking the extra five metres to the allocated crossing, and that I'm an impatient sod and can't be bothered waiting twenty seconds for the green man to light up. I was almost a mess of blood and guts and gelati today.